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I strive to take feature photos that have a high human interest element or a fresh view of an everyday scene.

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Robin in Fort YorkFeeding the BirdsUnravelTiny PineconesSpider PodsPond ReflectionsForbidden BeachHELPPacific Coast VistaSunshine BeachBicycle Bell with Spider WebPlatiusTodd and PlatiusThe End of the PierColourful bouquetTay River in Stewart ParkSunset over Fenelon FallsSunset over Fenelon Falls IISpiny-backed Orbweaver SpiderChildren at Play

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Thank you very much. I’m always looking for an excuse to add new things!
Pauline Lopez(non-registered)
Pauline Lopez(non-registered)
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Alan S. Brown(non-registered)
What a beautiful pictures you have take so much good and amazing. I just loved the way it's bee portrait-ed here. I would like to make a theme to my blogs as one of the aboe wallpapers. Especially the leaves one.
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